URGENT ~ Let’s Dissipate Hurricane Irma in Compassionate Unity

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 Let us work DILIGENTLY,


Hurricane Irma

and all terrible storms.

We have the power to bring Victory of the Light.

Friends, it seems to me that we have a little battle of darkness and Light regarding Hurricane Irma. Understand that this hurricane is an artificially enhanced storm, enlarged and controlled by technology of the dark side.  Many demons are reportedly in the FL skies.  Nevertheless, so many people prayed, meditated, and did other Lightwork to move the storm out into the ocean, that I believe we had begun to change its course.

Last I looked last night was a little before 4am and the projected storm path through Florida hadn’t changed much, going pretty straightly up the middle, bottom to top (South to North).  I did finally sleep and awoke to see that the composite of models gave a path from Florida’s tip, up the coast…

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Shanta Gabriel: Archangel Gabriel about Balance

Forever Unlimited

Shanta Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel about Balance

Posted: 31 Aug 2017 06:37 PM PDT

A Message from Archangel Gabriel

Dear Ones,

Recognizing that your heart is an important Balancing point is one place of understanding for all of your life at this time. You have been very diligently working with Divine Light. Through this you are becoming a conduit for an expansive Light Field of Divine Intelligence that provides the forms you are creating in your world. And you have also been building your Light Body Field at the same time, the body that will carry you as you navigate the new frequencies of 5D energy.

You are feeling the empowerment of this truth and have been noticing its affects in your personal life. When you allow Divine Light to expand through you Light becomes the vehicle that empowers your world with Love.

We have been speaking about your immediate personal…

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Loving Thought of the Day ~ 8.19.17 ~ by Fran Zepeda

Our Emerging Divinity

Hello everyone! I have been off-line for a few months, as you might have noticed, very busy with work and some pressing matters of daily living to attend to, as well as lots of upgrades and transformation, but I hope to be able to start posting more often again, in Service and Love to all.

My Heart is so very Full and Open this day, as I trust yours is …. May you all enjoy the fruits of the coming Eclipse by emerging more as the Beautiful Divine Being that you are, replete with all your gifts to share with the world …. The following is a Loving Thought from my Heart to Yours. ~ Namaste. ~  With Love and Blessings, Fran.

Loving Thought of the Day


By Fran Zepeda

The ability to LOVE, deeply from our Hearts, from our Whole Beings, is the greatest gift of all.


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the celestial team


We, the celestial team, send our love/light frequencies to remind You of us, and of yourselves.

At this time, we feel the alarm that has been activated in many of You by the powerful manifestations of change that are occurring on your planet.  We also feel how your alarm is, in turn, activating a longing to “control” the events of NOW.  We understand.  You are so newly on the threshold of your New Paradigm, and it is so easy to fall back into the entrained third dimensional patterns when alarmed.  What is familiar can seem like a refuge. We know.

Alarm, however, is also the bell that rouses one more fully awake, when one is committed to awakening.  It is only when the commitment is not firm that alarm becomes fear. 

Therefore, we have swept in to remind You of your commitment to…

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The Eternal Search for Wholeness, Unity

Judith Kusel


The Eternal and restless search for wholeness and unity in loving relationships, is in truth the greatest search for meaning and purpose in our lives.  It is the search for something greater than the sum total of ourselves, which brings us into wholeness again.

One of the greatest reasons why human loving relationships fail, and often turn into war zones, is that we want the Other to fill the deep void inside of ourselves up, so that we can finally be WHOLE.

We sometimes can glimpse that eternal wholeness in a moment of profound, loving, deep union with our Divine Other, in those moments of ecstasy, bliss, euphoria.  But that stage is short-lived, as everyday life encroaches upon us, and the little jackals, those little things, which irritate, which jar, then grow into monsters, which tend to sow division, fights, bickering.

Interestingly, it is that UNWHOLENESS in the partner, which…

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