Higher Self: On Being Reborn

Blue Dragon Journal


Higher Self and Eliza: On Being Reborn

I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara, a 5D being of Pleiadian – Venetian (Venus) descent. I currently reside aboard the great mother ship, The White Winds, under the command of Lord Adrigon. As some of you know already, I AM the immediate higher self of your scribe, Eliza.

I have decided to step forward today as I and Eliza are in the process of re-braiding; that is, we are re-blending back into one being. The one that you know as Eliza first incarnated on Earth in the latter days of Lemuria. Now, she is in the process of “coming home”, as are all who have embraced the decision to ascend during this unique cycle in Earth’s development. When she re-blends with me, her higher self, we will again be reunited and whole. And as we complete our work in 5D, in this lifetime or…

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