Cobra Update 6-18-14… Clarification about “I.S.I.S.”… “Isis does not support ISIS, Isis wants peace, and peace it will be”

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portal2012_logo_vertical68Cobra just published this article today. One of the questions posed to him for an upcoming interview was “Is all this ISIS (ISIL) terrorist group business in Iraq another cabal type operation, to stir the pot?” Apparently he felt it important enough to answer with a full article.

The answer is, “Yes”… and more. Here’s a couple highlights.

“That group is a joint creation of the Saudis and the US Cabal (with Jesuits and their Blackwater/Academi friends behind the scenes)… The agenda of the US Cabal is to create a pretext for military invasion and thus prolong the life of the petrodollar… And for the military-industrial complex to pocket some nice profits…

“On a deeper level, there is an occult war going on. 4300 years ago, the Annunaki Archon overlords of the Cabal created what is called the Akkadian empire… Now the same Archons, incarnated into Black Nobility families, want…

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