TheCarla Thompson – Elohim on The Mega-Shift of January 3-5, 2015 – Proper Use of Source Flames – by Georgi Stankov – 1-9-15

Higher Density Blog

 Elohim  -  I Am

by Carla Thompson   –  January 8, 2015


I have been aware of a large message coming in from the Elohim for over a week now, but because of my work with The Central Sun – Alcyone, I have not had the time, nor the energy to be honest, to pull this one through. Even now I know that it is only half complete, I will nonetheless start with this first part about our evening at the hockey rink, where the Mega-Shift occurred.

This message is very exciting because it is also linked to the appearance of the Green Flame of Healing and Knowledge of God’s Natural Science. This means that the groundwork for the appearance of the New Theory of the Universal Law has begun and I know that if I am excited about this news, you (Georgi) are going to be ecstatic about it!

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