Being Lightbody — Messages from the ONE @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

I’m reading Suzanne’s books at the moment, nearly finished the third one.. They are seriously good, wonderful to read.. Thank You.. Fiona ❤


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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Being Lightbody — Messages from the ONE


Being Lightbody

Message from the ONE

Dear Readers,

I was re-editing the Jaqual story for my upcoming book, “The Journal.” For some reason, maybe because I was ready, this short message was highlighted in my attention. I copied it and pasted it into its own file and read it again, and again and again…

Sometimes an extraordinary message of light that is hidden in mundane life can be recognized. When this occurs, it is best to store that message in our High Heart so that we can hear it again and again.

Perhaps, you may wish to store this message in your High Heart, as this message is for everyone who can recognize it.


Dear ONE,

Turn around inside your mind to look into your higher frequencies of SELF.

Imagine that you see a long tunnel…

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