The beautiful language of Holy Divine Marriage ♥ by Antiera-Jessibiah

Beautiful.. ❤

Sacred Rose of The Beloved

As the God & Goddess Essence of the One Soul comes together as One, a beautiful unique language of their own Essence and Love is spoken. This language is beyond words, but is understood at the depths and core of pure Being. A vibration of pure harmony and grace intertwines and forms a deep communion between the two as One. This heavenly angelic music and divine language of love is unique to each Divine Marriage. As the vibration of the Divine Masculine God Essence interweaves deeply with his beloved Divine Feminine Goddess, the two as One (true Divine Counterparts) create a harmony in the heavens that only the two can create in their own unique and pure way. As you connect with your true Divine Counterpart in your own unique God/Goddess Consciousness pure vibration, heaven comes to earth in a very beautiful and special way unique only to you (the…

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