Journal Entry 10.18.2015 – Internal Expansion

Blue Dragon Journal

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Journal Entry 10.18.2015 – Internal Expansion

I’ve been rather silent for the past couple of weeks, not for any reason that I can successfully define… just a vague feeling of being not quite here all of the time.

I realize that we (“we” as in Forerunners, light workers, etc.) are presently undergoing a profound period of inner-gration, integration of the latest series of intense energy downloads. Much of the information or Light received doesn’t necessary translate well into our current knowledge base or understanding, hence being unable to express how I or we are feeling in our present languages.

This past week at work was relaxing, although busy. There was an evident lack of the usual strife and suspicion. I know that I’ve been working every night to present unconditional love, Reiki energies and Violet Flame into this environment to enable the…

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