Eliza: “On Illumination”

Blue Dragon Journal

DSCN0249Note to Reader:  I don’t often have any idea what is going to emerge when I sit down to write.  It is rather like inspirational or meditational writing as described by Wes Annac.  It just…comes… arriving in a rather large bundle, without much struggle or forethought.  As with channeled messages, take what you need and leave the rest. 

I’ve noticed through the years that I tend to gather “information” from many sources, dissect it, leave it in a pile and then braid it altogether in a more or less original fashion.  My language and style of writing is fairly plain and simple English.  I don’t go in for some of the more technical terminology thrown around by some New Age writers and educators.  I simply write what I experience and what I am pondering.  My insights will continue to change as I continue to undergo my journey, so don’t be…

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