Peter’s Confidante – Part 1

Dreams of New Earth

This is a four-part story set in the Transition period between the Old and the New Earth – the time we’re just about to move into.

This was how Peter addressed his son Kevin across the Christmas lunch table, in the presence of his wife and five aging relatives:

‘You bloody arrogant sod. Your mother’s been working her fingers to the bone for days and there’s a magnificent spread in front of you. Couldn’t you set aside your preferences for one solitary day in the year? So as not to upset everybody? Eh?’

And this was how Kevin responded to his father, over the plate of cheese and biscuits which he’d just fetched from the kitchen:


‘What?’ spluttered Peter, while Aunt Susan shielded her plate from his spit.

‘Not preferences, principles,’ replied Kevin.

‘Same thing.’

‘Do you really think so?’ Kevin asked, tilting his head and smiling condescendingly…

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