Peter’s Confidante – Part 3

Dreams of New Earth

The baby was due on a Sunday – on one of their lunch dates, in fact. At first Peter assumed they would cancel, but the other three seemed determined to carry on as usual and have their roast chicken. After all, Pixie had to eat, didn’t she? Peter said it was ridiculous, but the others overruled him, saying, ‘Oh, first babies never come on their due date.’

Well, this one did.

What is more, at the precise moment on that Sunday afternoon when the waters broke, Peter was alone in the house with Pixie! Maureen had just nipped out to the supermarket for milk, and Kevin had just nipped out to the hardware store for screws.

At first Peter thought Pixie had peed on the parquet flooring, which was embarrassing enough, but when he realised the awful truth he went into a flat panic. What if the baby came really…

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