Peter’s Confidante – Part 4

Dreams of New Earth

‘So what’s your take on the global financial situation, Star?’ asked Peter one Sunday afternoon. ‘Looks pretty dire to me. Especially for the Cabal. So what crazy, desperate action are they going to take now? – tell me that. Whatever it is, it won’t be good for the rest of us. Still, I’m just a lowly computer geek. Nothing much I can do about it.’

‘Bah!’ said Star, and leapt in her baby jumper.

‘You disagree?’

‘Bah-tum-bah! Ta-bah! Ta-bah! Ta-bah!’

And the amplitude of the leaping grew alarmingly. Star had been putting on weight like a champion, and Peter hoped the harness was strong enough to take the strain.

‘Okay, so what do you suggest?’

The silence, the stillness, the wide blue eyes staring into his.

‘Just say, “No.”’

‘Just say, “No”?’

‘Just say, “No.”’

‘Sweetie, this isn’t about drugs, you know. And anyway, your Granddad is more than content…

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