Navigating the Maelstrom Of November 2016… Yowza. You Can DO It, You’ve got HELP!

I can highly recommend Judith and the Celestial Team,
I participated in their Tele-conferences over the past two years with great joy and much learning about frequencies.. Have a look at her archives and videos as their very relevant now for those newly awakened.. I’m participating in her latest ‘drivers’ workshop, as described in this re-blog, sounds wonderful and I know it will help me navigate this intense energy coming in now.. 🙏🏼💙🙏🏼

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


Yowza.  Every morning there’s a post “FROM OUT OF THE BLUE” on my Facebook page “Beyond Therapy–  We Are All Magicians.” Well, the one that appeared today catalyzed a response from me that then catalyzed this post that is also catalyzing an imminent  webinar. All that in one morning! Things sure happen fast these days.

So first things first. The post FROM OUT OF THE BLUE–
“Where are you NOW? “Does it feel familiar, a routine you’ve got a handle on? Or are you in foreign territory, having to feel your way as you go?”

That catalyzed my response–
The energy that we as a collective have begun heading into in earnest feels extremely UNfamiliar to me personally. Extremely unsettling, as well… we are heading into a MAELSTROM.
The catalyst is the “election” that is looming in November, of course.
Although I occasionally feel a faint resonance with the DECEIT that is riddling our global energy…

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