Could cohousing work in Pittwater

still PITTwaters

From Cohousing Australia’s website:

Cohousing and ecovillages are a significant part of the solution to Australia’s housing crisis, addressing the crucial issues of affordability, ecological impact and community building.

Cohousing and ecovillages are small, mainstream, residential projects facilitating an intentional way of living together and doing it better. They include the following features:

  1. individual, private homes, space and ownership
  2. community relationships and generous, multi-use common facilities
  3. a healthy balance between community and privacy
  4. elements of self-management, trust and familiarity
  5. stronger sense of neighbourhood

illabunda-village-plans Layout of Illubunda Village, in Sydney

These communities are often in higher density residential contexts and can be designed by residents. They use less resources, whether they are completely new construction or retrofits of existing buildings. It is a way to maintain liveability on a smaller, tighter, physical place.

What is cohousing?

Cohousing aims to design a neighbourhood which is more like the village of the…

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