I am woman. Deal with it.

I completely and totally concur..
Go Girls..
All the Love in the Universe to us.. xxxxx

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

editor’s note: She awaits to emerge within us all. 

By Talya Eidelman

For all women.

I am woman. Don’t tell me who I am. I have known ever since the world was created. Don’t tell me what to feel or how to behave.

I am woman. Don’t try and teach me about the old ways that should have been dead a long time ago.

I am woman. Do you know anything about my body? It houses the world and it is the wisest thing on this planet.

I am woman. Don’t try and tell me that suffering is weak when the reason that you exist is because I suffered giving birth to you.

You are here because of my ability to suffer.

I am woman. Somedays I cannot eat or sleep as the power, wisdom and truth of the new world pours into me as my vision and mission becomes crystal…

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