Archangel Adrigon: On Breaking Through the Darkness

I couldn’t echo these sage words more if I tried..
My love to you Eliza, Trilla and of course Lord Adrigon..
Always, with love and thanks.. Fiona 💙🙏🏼💙

Blue Dragon Journal



Archangel Adrigon: On Breaking Through the Darkness

Note to Reader:  This message was originally posted on November 1, 2014.  It is still relevant to what our world is currently experiencing… 

Greetings, I AM Lord Adrigon, Commander of the Pleiadian fleet, part of the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Even now, we watch your world, monitor newscasts, and observe the rising levels of awareness amongst your populace.

As some of the readers of this messenger’s work know, (many of ) our First Wave volunteers from the Galactic Federation of Light will be ascending soon. These volunteers came from an assortment of aligned worlds, all with a desire to see humanity and the planet Earth return into the higher dimensions from whence they fell so long ago.

Our writer has demonstrated, at least in part the physical reasons for the decline in consciousness, as your planet circles a…

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