What Must Be Done, Beloved. NOW.

the celestial team


Hello, Beloved!

We slip into your energy field with silky frequencies of reassurance as your eclipse season begins in earnest, for this one will be like no other and we surely do not wish You to begin faint of heart! Especially we do not because this particular full moon/penumbral eclipse is not for the faint of heart. It is for the lion-hearted. Courageous, confident, expansive,  generous of spirit… Sovereign, as You are.

We wish to share something our Judith wrote on her “New Paradigm Psychotherapy” website yesterday–

Heads UP! Core wounds are being triggered by the energy of our full Leo moon/penumbral eclipse. Ancient wounds…persecution, abandonment, betrayal… big-time wounds, way bigger than whatever is triggering them NOW. Lot’s of fire, too. Think volcano. Your darkest terror, your most violent rage, your deepest trauma, finally flaring UP. You may feel like it will blow you up, but NO…

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