3 thoughts on “A New Level of Spirituality

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post ❤

    I find the sentence below quite intriguing, not really sure what it means!

    "We have been forced to take accountability for our divinity."

    Love & much Light

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    • Thank you 🙏🏼 I think it means that we all take responsibility for our own individual divinity, our relationship with God within.. much love to you Gilles, Fiona ❤️


      • Thank you very much dear Sister ❤

        This is also what came to mind, the Divine within all of us. Yet how many of us understand that God is within, knowing so many will look outside for some "thing," an energy, that is hidden within.

        What I read the other day comes to mind. The fact that many are searching, or trying to connect with a male God, therefore missing half of who they are 🙂

        Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

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