Australian Bush Fairy’s




Once upon a time their was a large family of Bush fairy’s who lived in this She Oak Tree by the lakes shore.

From their tree you could hear the sound of the water lapping against the rocks as it swept gently onto the shore, even on a still day you could always hear the water gently in the background. When the wind was blowing fiercely the Tree was sprayed with sea salt and later when the salt had dried the younger fairy’s would scrap the salt off the tree with a sharp stone so the bark of their tree would stay soft and they would keep and use the salt in cooking, preserving and many other purposes.

The Bush Fairy’s lived in this fairly small She Oak tree, their original home, a much bigger She Oak, that generations of Fairy’s had lived in, was blown over in a big storm, so the Fairy’s moved into the much smaller tree next store, the size didn’t really matter as Fairy’s can make any space bigger on the inside, just by making it so.

Their was also this wonderful old Lemon Tree, the only one for miles and miles, Grandma Fairy always said how blessed they were to have it and that a Rosella had dropped the seed their specially for them after Grandpa Fairy had rescued a pair of Rosella’s and their nest of eggs from a flock of Ravens. The Lemon Tree wasn’t magic, however, it made very good lemonade and was also nice with Fish!


The Fairy’s used to play a lot with their Cousins who lived just up the way in a magnificent old Gum Tree, it was so truly magnificent, being the most biggest and spectacular tree around, that all the Fairy’s actually called it ‘The Magnificent Gum’. Aunty Madrigal was also the best cook and her Lemonade was legendary far and wide.

The younger Fairy’s all Loved it as whenever any of them were sick and had to spend the day in bed, Aunty Madrigal would always waddle up with one of her ‘special’ jugs of lemonade, she said it was special because it was made with just a bit of extra Love and not only did it always seem to taste better but it always helped the Fairy’s get well sooner!

Around the tree grew many plants and shrubs, the Fairy Children’s favourite was always the ‘magic wands’, they had a big long thin stem with a big spruddy frond at the top that grew straight upwards then fell in a swirl. Grandma Fairy said these were magic with each one holding one wish but only if they were picked at that special magic hour, the darkest hour which is just before dawn and if they were picked at that time they were indeed magic.

The Children had never believed this as Grandma Fairy was full of strange stories so they just picked them during the day and had fun waving them around and tickling each other with the fronds. With these ‘magic wands’ the Children liked nothing better than picking the wands with the longest stems and then tickling the fish with them. Old Snapper Sam, in particular, used to Love this as his scales were very old and sharp and the wands scratching his old scaly back was most relieving, he used to spend hours floating by the bank being scratched and the Fairy Children took turns so that their arms didn’t fall off with the strain!

The Fairy children Loved watching the Fish and most days they would leap right out of the water in glee. Once, a tale is told, a passing Pelican happened to be in the perfect spot at the perfect time and gobbled up the Fish in one bite! How the young fairies used to laugh at this.

The Fairy’s youngest daughter, Blossom, was a real dreamer and used to drift off into her own magical world.. even at the dinner table she wouldn’t hear her Sisters request to pass the pepper till it was repeated by her Mother. She used to sit quietly on a rock for hours upon end and watch the Birds flying in the sky.

Blossom had always had a huge fascination for Birds, particularly the ‘fly-in’s’ who were the Birds that flew in randomly every year from far far away. Their was many strange and colourful Birds that stayed a while, enjoyed the lake with its abundance of food and then when they were rested, off they would fly again.

She always used to dream about where exactly they flew from and where they flew to and, of course, what it would be like to fly and soar like a Bird.

Blossom walking home from her cousins, looked up to see one of the Heron’s sitting on the lake which looked so glassy and shining today she could see the clouds reflected in it. The heron was just floating on the surface, so still and causing only the merest ripple. She paused in her walking and just stood there looking at the Heron and lost in the beauty of the moment. A fish jumped out of the water making a big splash as it landed and the Heron startled, like it had been lost in the beauty of the moment too.

Blossom laughed as her sister Myrtle came up behind her on the path “what are you laughing at?” she asked “Oh a big fish leaped out of the water and startled the Heron” “ Ill startle the Heron” replied Myrtle clapping her hands together loudly and startle the Heron she did for it flew off into the sky, laughing Blossom grabbed Myrtle by the hand and they raced up the track to their home.


One morning, before dawn Blossom snuck out of bed and crept outside, it was still dark but by the light of the quarter moon she could see the Magic Wands swaying gently with the night breeze. Moving closer she chose a big long straight wand and putting both her hands around the stem, closed her eyes and whispered “oh Magic Wand, Oh Magic Wand I ask you to be my real Magic Wand and give me my one wish which is to fly like a Bird”.

Excited, she went and sat down on the rock by the water and waited for dawn.

At first light she heard the Birds awaken, the magpie always sung first (Blossom always thought they had the most beautiful of all birdsong and this is why they always sang first), followed by the shrill noises of the minors, Kookaburras starting their chorus in the background, she closed her eyes, listening to the sounds lighting up the dawn with their beauty. Opening her eyes Blossom saw the Pelicans begin to stir, being so big they were slower to move about (Grandpa said they were just lazy) and it came to her in a flash, she couldn’t grow wings, she  was a Fairy and not a Bird, so instead she was going to fly on a Pelican!

She jumped up, all excited, thats what Ill do. Laughing she raced around the rocks to the Pelicans “Good Morning Pelican’s isn’t it a grand day! Holding up and waving the  Wand she said “I have a Magic Wand and I wish, Oh how I wish, for one of you Pelicans to take me with you on your flight today”

The Pelicans started talking, how they do,“oh no, we cant do that.. what take a little Fairy on our flight”, shaking their heads, “by gum no, today were flying to the coast and the big rock, its too far”,“but you have to”, wailed Blossom, “I wished it!”

Now old Pelican Pamela knew the story of the wands and knew they were just a children’s story but seeing the excitement and joy in Blossoms face she decided to play along. “Stop your quibbling, Ill take her” said old Pelican Pamela as she swam close to the rock where Blossom was jumping up and down with glee. “ You get on my back nice and gentle now, tuck your little flippers in around the bottom of my wings and hold tightly around my neck dear and whatever you do don’t let go!”

So off they flew, twelve pelicans up into the sky, wings flapping, soaring upwards, spiralling with the breeze. Blossom couldn’t believe how truly wonderful it felt to be flying up high in the blue sky and Pamela was so big and comfortable, it was just as comfortable as sitting in Grandpas chair!

They flew higher and higher and Blossom could see the whole lake with the mountains beyond, they were so high now that tears streamed out of her eyes. They turned towards the right and she could see the Ocean and coastline of waves washing up on the shores of miles and miles of beautiful white sand beaches. Never having been away from the lake before, Blossom was overwhelmed at the sheer beauty and as they got closer the amazing headlands and huge rocks all piled on top of each other and the cliff tops were covered in this green plant which had the most brightest pink flowers.

As they flew low over the waves Blossom felt the spray from the ocean, they came to this headland which ended in this huge diamond shaped rock which looked like it had fallen off the cliff eons before and Pamela swooped down to the beach where she and all the other pelicans landed. “now Blossom I don’t think it a good idea to take you fishing with us so you just play here for a bit and we will be back after we have caught lunch”.

Blossom wandered along the beach, running along the waters edge, her bare feet felt lovely in the warm sand. The waves were just amazing, So big and perfect hollow tubes forming in the sides of the waves as they rolled and flowed in this universal rhythm. Blossom suddenly squealed as she saw a pod of Dolphins swim into the waves, jumping up and making their happy Dolphin noises and then they started catching the waves and some of them were getting into the wave tubes and riding the wave until they cut back right at the very moment the wave was about to crash. They were swimming as one with the Ocean and Blossom felt she had never witnessed anything So Spectaculary Beautiful.

She then walked up around the rocks, discovered the most amazing rock pools with all sorts of sea anemones, little fishes darting about eating the green weed. She collected all sorts of shells and some colourful rocks, thankful that her pinafore had pockets.


Looking up she saw the pelicans flying all in a row, perfectly in formation, wings flapping in unison as they flew down towards the beach. Blossom ran over to them, the sand was so fine it made a squeaking noise beneath her feet.

“Did you see the Dolphin’s catching the waves? squealed Blossom, “Oh Ive had such such fun” Pamela said “yes indeed, Dolphins Love catching waves, up you get now sweetie pie, we best get home before the wind picks up” so Blossom hopped up onto her comfortable back and tucked herself in.

The flight home was such fun because the younger pelicans were so happy to have spent a day at the ocean, that they were flying around and around teasing each other and laughing in that deep way that pelicans do. The Sun was warm on their backs, the sky was blue, the wind was picking up but was still gentle and the currents were lovely to fly with, when the Pelicans got within a good breeze current they would stop flapping their wings and just soar, letting the breeze take them as it spiralled downwards.

Blossom saw the Magnificent Gum in the distance, standing tall, it really was the tallest tree in the whole area she thought. As they got closer she saw lots of fairy’s gathered around her home at the She Oak Tree and wondered what was happening.

Pamela slowed down and landed right on the edge of the lake by the rock,

Blossom yelled out “Look at me, Look at me” and all of a sudden all the Fairy’s

were racing down to the waters edge exclaiming “its her, its Blossom safe and sound” and as Blossom hopped off Pamela Grandma Fairy grabbed her in the biggest hug and burst into tears “oh Im so glad your all right my Blossom”.

“oh Blossom” said Aunty Madrigal, “we have been so worried about you” “Where have you been?” “Oh it was So exciting” Blossom squealed “ I picked a magic wand and wished to fly like a bird so Pamela Pelican took me with them today to the beach” Granma Fairy and Aunty Madrigal just looked at each other until Grandma exclaimed “but their not real magic Blossom, thats just a ‘made up’ story for you little ones to play with” “thats right”clucked Aunty Madrigal “our Grandma told us when we were your age and we just passed it on”

Blossom stood there just looking at her Grandma “but that cant be true she said  her eyes opening up wide “ I believed it” “ I believe in magic and so magic happens” she put her hands in her pockets and pulled out some of the sea shells she had collected, holding them up she exclaimed “these are real” Aunt Madrigal leaned in for a closer look “shells indeed and look you’ve even brought some sand back with you” “yes” said Blossom, taking a deep breath “You just have to believe in magic for magic to happen”.




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