I Am A Mystic- Unapologetically So.

High Elven wisdom

At one point, I may have been burned at the stake, or even shamed and ridiculed, but we have a different world now and can show our unique souls to the world without fear of being outcasted or put to death by kings & governments. I have experienced Divine Union with God and all souls, I have seen God within me, and in the eyes reflected back at me by others. I have seen the Lines drawn between each soul. I have Seen the energies that connect us all swirling around me.

I am the Galadriel of this world, peering into the fountain as she pours, and realizing it only reflects back what is inside of me.

To understand my side of perspectives as a mystic on my channel, (because we are never really understood in society and are a remnant of the past coming back into the future), please…

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Archangel Michael via Victoria Cochrane (courtesy of roseramblesdotorg)

Blue Dragon Journal

Posted by sanandawebsite

It has been said many times that love is all there is. Many people may dispute this, but if the history of the world is examined, the absence of love has brought the greatest voids and turmoils. No person in the world can exist without love; love is the highest vibration of all because it holds no judgment and comes from the heart where ego does not reside. When a person gives love unselfishly and unconditionally, the effect on the people to whom it is given is immense. The connection formed and strengthened by love is unequivocally the greatest bond any two people can share and will override past hurts and traumas much more easily and quickly if it is reciprocally shared. When love is given but not returned in equal measure, an imbalance is formed that can create hurt and heartbreak for one or both participants.

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The unreal is weakening in the Presence of Love, and it is dissolving.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday January 25th

All across Planet Earth the energy fields of humans are moving toward each other, and melding, blending, and integrating, in evermore harmonious cooperation as the Tsunami of Love continues to strengthen and intensify. Yes, there are still conflicts arising, suffering is still being inflicted on the weak, as your various news agencies keep on reporting, but while this is occurring a massive release of old buried hatreds and resentments worldwide is taking place. The intensity of the loving attitudes and behaviors arising everywhere is leading to the disclosure of much shameful conduct that has been ongoing, but hidden, for eons. It is no longer possible to hide behaviors that prey on the weak and the innocent, they are being disclosed and brought to a close as the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Love is the infinite field of divine Power in which all…

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